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That time I listened to the voices in my head … Part 2

Posted Sep 07 2011 10:00am

In case you are just joining …. catch up with

The Sunday after my 10 mile Fail Friday and 6 mile Sandy Saturday was destined to be lazy.

I woke up and swam with the G’s

Hey Mom ... lets go swimming!

Actually Mom, instead of swimming I'd like to eat sand. All day long. WHY G2? Sand is gross!!

I planned to go to yoga but as I got to the changing rooms I realized I forgot my clothes.

So I went to the ocean … and floated.

Then I thought about going to an Abs and Legs class, but I got caught up in girl chat

Me and A

Somewhere between the salty seas and sunscreen that butterfly swooped back in … and she had a convincing case

“Alright marathon runner.  This is your chance.  You have caught up on sleep, taken a rest day and can now fuel properly, go to bed early and DOMINATE 16 miles in the morning”

“You need to do this run in order to feel confident in the marathon”

“Now is not the time to skip a long run”

“Don’t let this 16 miles slip away”

So I listened.

I stayed in instead of going out with friends.  I had a healthy dinner and was in bed by 8:30pm.  I woke up at 6 am and took my time getting out the door.  I stretched, I drank water, I packed my run snacks … I ate a banana with peanut butter (and some salty pretzels for good measure.)

I stepped outside around 7 am.  Immediately I was suffocated with humidity, it was worse than Friday.  Already 90 and 100% humidity at 7.  (Damn you Accuweather app … knowing the weather stats doesn’t always help!)  This time was different though, I didn’t feel defeated and depleted by the heat … I felt prepared for it.

I planned for an 8 mile out and 8 mile back … around 6 miles out I turned around and headed back home.  It was pretty hot and the path I was on didn’t have a lot of shade.  I had run out of water and figured it was time to turn around.  That decision was based on clear logic … no voices. :)

I finished 12.6 miles HOT, SWEATY, and FABULOUS miles outside and rocked the last 4 miles at my half marathon pace on the treadmill.  (My legs were new once I hit an air conditioned treadmill!)

16.6 miles later I felt like a SUPAH STAR.  Seriously, this accomplishment was huge.  It wasn’t my fastest run … it certainly wasn’t the prettiest   BUT it was a sweet victory to finally be done with this week’s long run.

Lessons learned from the most drawn out long run ever:

Preparing for a long run cannot be over looked

Humidity and heat are not to be messed with

Being a mom and marathon runner means flexibility

Meeting your goals may not happen as per your planned schedule

When my training doesn’t go as planned, reorganize the plan.  

I REALLY want to PR in NYCM 2011

and most importantly …

I learned that the little voice inside my head isn’t the party pooper that I thought she was.  She actually has some good things to say.   

Now onto next week.  I have 18 miles on my schedule for Saturday and I can’t wait to run them in NYC’s fall weather!!

How about you?  Do you listen to the little voices?  Have you ever had to stop a long run and restart another day? 

As a side note … I have to share this pic.  The 2 G’s had their first bath in a big tub (we dont have a tub at home) and they had a BLAST!

Tanned Beach Babes!!

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