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Ten Steps to Rejuvenate

Posted Jul 20 2011 3:27pm

Are you feeling stressed, tired and worn out? If so, it’s time to listen to your body and rejuvenate with these ten simple tips!

1. Breathe: As you inhale say the word “Peace” to yourself. As you exhale say “Calm”. Soon the stress and tension will dissipate and you will feel more relaxed.


2. Call a GirlfriendHas it been a while since you’ve spoke with a good friend?  Call him or her and keep the focus on fun memories.


3. Listen to Soothing MusicThe sound of soothing music has been found to lower blood pressure, decrease stress, and improve mood.


4. Read a Good Book: Let your imagination run free as you sink into a good book. 


5. Midnight Stroll: Go for a walk at night with your loved ones.  Take in the beauty of the stars and moon.


6. Take a Bath: Illuminate your bath with scented candles.  Add bath salts and lavender essential oil.  Feel the stress leaving your body.


7. Smile and Laugh: Watch your kids playing.  Take in their joy and laughter.  Smiling automatically improves your mood.


8. Massage Your Feet: Before climbing into bed take a moment to massage your feet with soothing lotion.  A little pampering does wonders for the body, mind, and spirit.


9. Roll Your ShouldersTake a few minutes to breathe while you “roll” the stress out of your body.  Seated comfortably close your eyes.  Inhale and roll your shoulders up towards your ears.  As you exhale squeeze your shoulder blades together and roll your shoulders down and away.  Repeat.


10. Feel Gratitude: Write down 5 things you are thankful for.  This simple act will remind you of all the good things you have in your life.


Sara Holliday is a licensed marriage-family therapist, certified personal trainer and yoga instructor. She has a passion for helping women feel and look their best from the inside out.  She uses her vast experience as a therapist and yoga teacher to gently guide women to regain balance and inner peace through the unique combination of meditation, movement and talk therapy.

For more info email Sara at or call 800.568.3820 and visit: .


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