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Tapering makes me do bad things

Posted Oct 03 2012 1:38pm

Ten days.

That’s how many days are left until I FREAKING RUN MY FIRST MARATHON.

And when I say “marathon” it is not to be confused with a 5K, 8K, 10K, or half marathon.  When I say “marathon” it’s 26.2 miles. The whole she-bang.

Training has gone fabulously, despite the hot summer runs in the middle of July; despite the blood (yes, there has been some blood), sweat (lots of that), and tears (yes, I cried on a couple runs, most notably on a busy stretch of road, after tackling a monster hill).

And now, with ten days left until the marathon, I taper.

Tapering sucks.  Its everything everyone says it is.  Its going from 40 mile weeks down to 20 and it makes you feel like a lazy fatty.  A mean, lazy fatty.

I ran 3 miles this week and felt antsy afterwards…like I needed to do something else.  But I didn’t have time for another workout so what did I do?  I went shopping.

photo (72)

There isn’t much variety for shopping in our small Maryland county, so I hit up the good ol’ Old Navy and stocked up on jeans (colored denim!), cardigans (leopard print!), and camis (polka dots!).  I’ve been perusing Pinterest and style blogs for outfit inspiration and put in an order for new shoes.  While I was in the thick of my training, I never thought about clothes.  Now, I can’t stop.  It’s the tapering’s fault.  I feel like a desperate housewife with nothing to do but shop when I’m not running.  Help.

Tapering has also driven me to drink.

photo (73)

Drinks of the yummy, calorie-laden sort.  I swear this had ice cream in it, it was so good.  It definitely negated my 3 mile run from earlier in the day.

Tapering has not curbed my appetite at all.  When I run, I eat more.  And apparently, when I cut my mileage in half, I still eat more.

photo (71)

I found this in my purse today while I was searching for gum and literally let out a cheer.  I was so happy to find it.  Nothing like a little post-Crossfit fuel.

I know there is a lot of science that goes into writing a training plan.  And I know there is a reason why we must cut our mileage in half 2 weeks before a marathon, but its really done nothing for me but drive me nuts. I feel like I’m losing my fitness and when I get to that start line in 10 days, I’m not going to be able to make it past mile 5.  Hopefully that’s not the case or I’m screwed.

Ok, since I’ve got some free time from NOT running, let me go and do something productive…like clean.  Toodles!


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