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Style is that which best manifests the personality of a woman

Posted Jan 24 2013 7:09am
While newspapers often designated Italian American women as responsible
for dressing their families, the majority of fashion information encouraged
women to use clothing to accentuate their status as individuals. Il
Progresso presented clothing and accessories as a medium through which
women communicated personal characteristics and appeased their own particular
tastes and desires. An Il Progresso article from October 1937, “The
Individuality of Fashion,” extolled the benefits of contemporary clothing
styles, which, unlike previous decades when women donned clothes to please
men, “gives to our women the rights of individuality.”27 With such rights
came the responsibility to adopt current styles to women’s own personal
qualities. In 1937, “Maria Luisa” told readers of “Vita Femminile,” “Style
is that which best manifests the personality of a woman, the essence of her
taste and also a little of her character.” An attractive woman, “Maria Luisa”
explained, wore only clothing that perfectly harmonized with her interior
and exterior personality. “It is an exquisitely feminine duty for a woman
to acquire a style, through a careful consideration of herself, that creates a
harmony and fascination that is extremely personal, and that will not make
her appear like a look-alike puppet, but rather like an individual pulsating
with her own unique vitality.”28 Italian American newspapers constructed
women as individual consumers in search of clothing that expressed their
inimitable personal attributes.
The diversity of fashionable materials in Il Progresso served as an opportunity
for women to experiment with various modes of self-expression.
Paralleling nationally distributed, English-language fashion literature, “Per
Voi, Signore” suggested that female identities, rather than being rooted
only within the fixed boundaries of marriage, family, or work, were created
by the varying preferences of the woman consumer herself.  wuja-0124.
Above contents all referenced. Copyrights belong to the source websites Modest Wedding Dresses  , Prom attire
. The statement above is consistent with them.
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