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STACY is in the house!!

Posted Aug 29 2011 9:05am

Good Morning!

I’m jazzed to introduce you to the lovely Stacy Berman. She is the mastermind behind Stacy’s Bootcamp -

Stacy and I have been training for almost 4 months now. When I came crawling to her I was guilty of something many runners are guilty of. Exercise Tunnel Vision. I ran almost daily but was not diversifying beyond that at all.  After the twins were born I began running as soon as I could and I got comfortable in the rut of slow, steady jogs along the same path every day.  Its not that my fitness level was poor, I mean I was running 25 miles/week regularly but I was not strong.  My legs felt heavy and slow, my knees were hurting. I had upper body strength only from lifting babies and my abs were not what they once were.

Stacy took under a month to whip me into shape.  She made me a stronger, faster, more efficient runner.  She also opened my eyes to a way more interesting world of exercise.

I asked Stacy if she would be interested in sharing some of her magic.  She agreed to do a regular guest post!!  So get excited TEAM.  Stacy is here to educate and motivate us all!!

Stacy on what fitness means to her …

My first memory was watching my dad practicing his Tae Kwon Do forms in the Dojang. From that point on I was hooked. I was fascinated with the body, how it moved and what it was capable of. It became my obsession, inspiration and ultimately my career.

So it was set, I would go into fitness… but where does one go to “get into” fitness? The gym seemed the first logical step. So off to the gym I went and quickly raised through the ranks from floor trainer, to master and then top trainer of the year. All the while, a little voice of past memories kept telling me, “there is a way better way to do this”

That’s where Stacy’s Bootcamp comes in, its a back to the basics, just you, your body and your environment type of workout. No fancy equipment is needed, no gym membership required… and this is how we train.

Stacy on keeping your workout interesting …

Central Park where I teach all my classes. Besides the awesome terrain to run over you can get a really great total body workout with a little creativity.  Train hard, train smart and have fun. Central Park makes it all possible and then some. Besides being an oasis in the middle of a concrete jungle it is the best place to run NYC. Its got all you need, dirt paths, hills, steps, benches, it’s even got a pull up bar! What more can a girl ask for?

Stacy on why we should diversify our fitness … and how often we should incorporate cross training 

Training the entire body is über important no matter what your sport of choice is. Believe it or not a strong upper body will make you a better runner. So while you definitely have to run if you plan to do a marathon, don’t skimp out on your cross training, it’ll help you become a stronger runner.

Side note to impress upon you the importance of cross training. A client of mine, lets call her L did the NYC marathon in 2009. Her training program consisted only of running back then. In 2010, L ran the NYC marathon again with one vital difference, she cross trained with me forthe six months leading up to the race. The results speak for themselves: she decreased her race time by 45 minutes!!!! Yes you read that correctly, she took 45 minutes off of her total marathon time.

So now that you are convinced cross training is important, how many days should you do it you ask? Well, that all depends on how much time you can dedicate to exercise. Three days a week of marathon training and two to three days a week of cross training are ideal. The cross training will help build up all the muscles that don’t get worked while you run which will help prevent injury. Just think of it this way… if you take a wire hanger and bend it the same way over and over and over again, what happens? It usually breaks. Now take that same hanger but bend it in all different ways, the likelihood of it breaking decreases dramatically. Now apply that to your body.. enough said!

Stacy!  This sounds busy.  How do I avoid over doing it?  What rules should be applied to resting? 

While officially in training for a marathon you should try to rest two days a week. I know that may be hard for some of us, myself included, but if you don’t give your body enough chance to rest you are actually not going to be training at your full potential. Remember the saying, “Quality not quantity,” well its TRUE! Try this test… exercise seven days next week and see how you feel on day four or five. I can guarantee you won’t be near your best. So listen when your body talks, it may not be speaking english but it says a lot.

Stacy on nutrition … 

Since we are on the topic of our bodies speaking we should talk a little bit about food. There has been so much back and forth about what you should and shouldn’t eat when training. Carb load, high protein, low fat… what gives? While everyone is different, one of my go to food combos is the ever delicious banana with one to two tablespoons of peanut butter. You get protein, fat and carbs in just the right proportion to carry you through your harder workouts. Tip: measure out two tablespoons, close the lid, place it in the back of the shelf and back slowly away from the cabinet. You know what I mean ladies!

So now we know where to run, how often, what else to do besides run, how much to rest and what to eat. Other advice you may ask? Remember that everyone is different. Don’t compare yourself to anyone else. For that matter don’t even compare yourself to who you were five years ago. Lots of things can effect how you feel today, at this moment. So be here, in this moment. Enjoy your training, work a little bit harder each time you go out, and run NYC! RUN!

How do you get a little piece of Stacy?  Well keep coming back for her wisdom BUT if you are in the NYC area … you can join her bootcamps

Or if you are out of town, you can download her iphone app here !

Stacy will be sharing her wealth of knowledge with us on a regular basis.  So tell me, what are your questions for her? Is there anything that she can answer for you?

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