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Squeaky Wheels

Posted Apr 12 2010 12:00am
Last week life got pretty crazy. Good crazy, for sure, but more to juggle than normal. My only workouts were my early morning runs, getting to the gym for anything else proved too difficult. Even Tuesday. This is particularly discouraging because for two months I had the morning reserved for tennis, so I had myself and the kids trained to get to the gym. Once the tennis lessons were over I planned to shift to yoga class. Kind of like paying off your student loan and then planning to continue making payments into your savings account. Yeah. Didn't happen.

By Friday I realized the merry-go-round was going just a wee bit too fast and I needed off. There were a few signs: I caught a glimpse of K as she was getting ready for the Kindergarten bus. She still had the braid I put in hair Tuesday morning. Quick math: no bath since their post-swim lesson shower Monday night. Then there was my own hair. How long had it been since I had a hair cut? I missed the deadline to make the deposit for JC's school next year. And I forgot to send the twins to school with their raffle donation for the spring carnival (actually I had forgotten to buy it, too).

What really made me step out of the frenzy was my aching tail bone. I had a lovely run Friday morning and I've been secretly pleased that my body has been holding up so well without the usual TLC I try to provide by way of old PT exercises or yoga. With my increasing miles on the road and my weekly CrossFit I knew, though, I needed to start "date night" with my soft tissue. Sure enough, just as with marriage, when you don't make time for your spouse, the glue between you gets dry, cracks and falls to pieces.

I can't help but quote from " Run Like a Mother ." (You bought it, right, and reading it?) Co-author Dimity McDowell makes many wonderful analogies, this one nails it for me right now:

The core is the metaphorical mother of your body: If she has to focus on one weak part of the body, like your right hip, bribing it with TLC so it will move along, some other part, like your left glute, will disobey and flare up. The situation is not unlike bribing an ornery 3-year-old with fruit snacks, who tells an otherwise content 6-year-old that it was the last pack, who then throws a fit.

Apparently that's exactly what is happening (down to the left glute part). I must regroup. As moms, life seems filled with squeaky wheels: the baby screaming to eat; the skinned knee that needs a bandage; the dog needs out for a pee, the Barbie's head needs reattachment (now Mom, now!). But there are certain aspects to our life we can keep from squeaking, if we will take the time to apply oil every now and then.

Sounds like great advice. Let's see if I can do it for myself this week. My plan is to get to yoga class Tuesday morning. Wish me luck.

***Edited to add I also plan to bathe my children more than once this week.

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