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Skinny Dipping with Thor

Posted Dec 10 2012 9:41am

So it would seem G-d would like to keep NYC cloaked in darkness. We have had almost no light for DAYS. I do have a recipe for you, but since I cannot take a single picture without it looking like I took it with my iphone and IG’d the hell out of it with a desperately ugly yellow filter, I’ll just jabber at you.

By the way, as much as I love seeing everyone’s beautiful faces, lomography is outdated for a reason. My natural skin color has enough yellow in it, I don’t need to amplify that.

The recipe is so good, though. Trust me when I say you can’t wait. Let’s just say cherries were involved. By the way, did I ever tell you I can tie the stem in my mouth? I’m super talented.

Anyhow, after all those jelly donuts , last night’s dinner needed to be lighter.  I decided to take the plunge and make some sushi via this helpful tutorial . I will suggest NOT making an inside out, mango topped roll as your first roll. Because for one, your son will try to grab the entire roll and eat it like a corn dog, and because it’s a real bitch.

Again, mind the light, I had none.

the nori on the outside rolls are way easier.

 My favorite roll of the night had much cucumber and scallion in it. It was boss. 

How did I make the spicy salmon, you ask? Dead simple. I sliced and then chopped it up into oblivion, added a few tablespoons of Japanese Kewpie Mayonnaise, and a ton of sriracha. It was so good.

That mayonnaise is magic. Absolute magic.

I can’t WAIT to go back to my fish monger and buy every sushi grade fish they have and go crazy.

I swear to you, I’m going to end up with mercury poisoning.  It’ll be totally worth it. As it stands now, the Captain is requesting rice and nori for lunch. I can’t blame him, it’s delicious.

I was concerned that the sushi wouldn’t get me through crossfit. It’s SO light, how could I have the necessary energy? Somehow, I did.

The Viking on the other hand? Didn’t do so well. Word to the wise, if your Nurse Practitioner tells you NOT to dead lift that which appears to weigh the same of a VW bug, just over a week and a half after a shoulder dislocation, you should probably listen. If not, you WILL hate life and NOT be able to finish your WOD. Also, the people you work out with and your friends will mock you incessantly.

Sometimes “listening to your body” is stupid. Your body is a total dummy with a drug problem and sometimes lives in his parent’s basement.  Sometimes you should “listen to the professionals.” (This is true in medicine, car repair, and “by the hour” intimacy.

I, however, rocked that WOD like a hurricane. I will not be felled by a clean and jerk.

Seriously, if you haven’t tried CrossFit, you need to. It’s shocking, but in a good way. It’s like jumping into a lake naked after being in a hot tub. It’s not like realizing you’re older than Chris Hemsworth. That’s *bad* shocking. (only 4 months!!!!) I guess it’s good that the true object of my affection, Michael Fassbender, aka the ginger in disguise, is in his thirties. I can still feel youthful and whatnot.

I could totally make him feel younger.

(I am in so much trouble later with ze man. I should do better to ONLY sexually objectify HIM.)

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