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Share the @#$%^&* road!

Posted Aug 04 2009 7:32pm

Excuse me while I go on a " Weslicious" rant here.  I know that I'm basically preaching to the choir but let me savor this F'ing moment by sharing a few century training ride stories.  

First, why did the old woman lay on her horn when I was basically riding in the drainage ditch? Excuse me sir, next time you're on your way to church could you not make a sudden U-Turn so that my husband and I eat your bumper?  I also love muscle head Mike who likes to drive 60 mph and gets off seeing how close he can drive past two cyclists.  Hey drivers, make sure you get through that light coming up because if your car is stopped at a red light I'm the crazy biznitch who is liable to say something inappropriate to you like, "share the road, punk!"

Second, hey cyclists I know it's really important to "get your miles in" but next time you see a stranded women on the side of the road (not me, but my twin) could you possibly take the time to stop and see if she needs help? Thanks!

On a lighter note, my husband and I got 51 in today and we felt great.  Thank You Mr. Newton & Mrs. Nuun.

Want to share a lovely cycling story kidz?

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