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Safe Exercise During Pregnancy

Posted Dec 13 2008 11:35pm

fitpregnancy.jpg Too many times, I’ve allowed my pregnancy to put a hold on my workout routines.  You don’t want to let that happen to you but you know you can’t continue in the same way you have before you were pregnant.

Here are some thing you can do the make sure your exercising safely for you and your baby.

Don’t do this.
There’s a lot you can do when you’re pregnant, but a few things you don’t want to do.  No running.  If you’re used to running, try walking further than you’re used to running.  No horseback riding, scuba diving, sprinting, downhill skiiing, or any contact sports.

Try these.
Some safe exercises during pregancy include speed walking, light jogging up to 2 miles a day, cycling on dry pavement, cross-country skiing, and swimming in nice luke-warm water.

Lighten up a bit.
When it comes to resistance training, simply lighten up a bit.  You NEVER want to lift anything very heavy.  Remember, if you’re asked to be a spotter, you have the potential of lifting, so don’t do it.

Loosen up a bit.
Make sure you’re wearing loose clothing that doesn’t pinch or bind.  You’re already uncomfortable enough.

Slow it down a bit.
Start your warm-up slowly and make sure you’re finishing everything up nice and slow too.  Never ever push yourself too far.  Less is more when you’re pregnant.

Don’t heat up too much.
When your body tempurature goes up, you’ll be sending blood to the surface of your skin to cool down.  This takes blood away from your uterus.  You should never go in a sauna, hot tub or steam room when you’re pregnant.  The rule is,  you don’t want to raise your body temperature more than 2 degrees Fahrenheit or 1.1 degrees Celsius.

Drink Drink Drink.
It’s even more vital than ever to keep yourself hydrated.  Make sure you’re starting your workout with all the water your body needs.  The moment you start to get thirsty, answer your bodies call with water.  No need for sports drinks, there’s nothing better than water.

Being pregnant doesn’t mean you have to say goodbye to your body.  Keeping fit will make your pregnancy better, child-birth easier, and recovery quicker.

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