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safe creams for rashes during pregnancy

Posted by Acorea

My sister is in her 2 trimester in her pregnancy and she developed an itchy rash on her tummy. Just wanting to know what creams are safe for her to use for the itch?

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If she wants to be using the safest product, she wants to use something that does not contain: parabens, sodium lauryl sulfates, petroleum-based ingredients, anything ending in "eth", any artificial fragrance. All of those ingredients are potentially harmful, carcinogenic &/or irritating for a rash.

She might want to discuss the rash with her OB to see if it is PUPPPS, a pregnancy-related rash. There are a number of holistic remedies to PUPPPS, which she can probably find if she does a google search. One is using tar-based soap. A allopathic doctor will probably prescribe a steroid cream, which will be absorbed into the skin & go to the baby...minute amounts, but will still affect the baby.

If she wants a truly organic, natural product, she can search for Miessence Certified Organic products. There is a breast & belly balm that has healing essential oils & other ingredients that are certified organic to food grade levels, so it really is the safest thing on the market. You can learn more about Miessence at my website at

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