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Running: A Personal Record and a look back

Posted Mar 06 2010 11:10am

Bet you thought I wasn’t running?!?!? Ha ha ha. Surprise is sweet, even for me. I am running. However, I am only running when the Workout of the Day (W.O.D.) calls for it. That means that in a 2 week period, I might run 1 time. In fact, it might be more like once every three weeks. The last time we did any running in the box was on February 10th when we ran (2) 800 meter runs and (2) 400 meter runs, backwards! And I thought that workout was a blast!

Anyways, here I am writing about my new 5km running PR. My first documented 5km on this site is dated November, 2007 and I ran it in 23:01. Ryan was 1.5 years and it’s likely that I was still nursing and was very heavy at the time- click here and see for yourself.

In 2008, I ran only 2 other 5kms and both run times were in the 23+ minute range.

Witness below the Marathon Skirt:  St. George Marathon completed with a time of 3:59.

One month post marathon, Bobbi and I ran the Skirt Sports 5km and my time is not even listed on my site- except that it was around 24 minutes!

In 2009, I spent the year completing my 200 hour Yoga Works training, trail running, bike racing and kettlebell swinging!

November 2009 was the start of my Cross Fit training .  Since November, I’ve averaged 4-5 days a week in the box.  ( I have dropped at least 6 pounds and 2 dress sizes since then).

This weeks’ workouts have been ridiculously hard- Monday 29 weighted lunges plus 10 burpees times 9 ROUNDS .   Tuesday included 50 repetitions of 12 exercises called the “Filthy Fifty”, Wednesday a 20 minute heavy lifting day- and THEN on Thursday we had to run the 5km.  Crazy.  My legs were still feeling Monday’s lunges and the warm-up for our run included 100 ring dips, 75 sit-ups, 50 Man Makers, 25 Handstand Push-ups!!  Holy smokes, that’s a workout in and of itself!

Long story, but, YES,  I RAN A 5KM IN 21:43!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  First time since my early years of college that I’ve run sub-22!  And, the crazy thing is that I am HARDLY running.

Guess the next thing will be to test out my fitness in a local 5km!

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