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Rise of the Guardians- A Review. From My Four Year Old.

Posted Dec 13 2012 9:16am

Last Friday, I decided that Sassypants needed a little one on one time with momma.  So I told her that I would take her out to a movie and we would have a girls night.  She was beyond excited.

She’s currently in that mode where girls rule and boys are dumb.  Which I love.  Because I’m actually cool right now and she doesn’t hate me just yet.  I know this because I got a high five when she found out my favorite color was the same as hers.  A very defining moment for me.

Anyway.  I took her to see Rise of the Guardians .

Rise of the Guardians




Basically the gist of this movie is about a band of guardians (a.k.a Santa Clause, The Easter Bunny, The Tooth Fairy, and The Sandman) who are trying to convince Jack Frost to join their group and defeat the Boogeyman.

Honestly, when I first saw the previews for this I was a little put off by it.  I mean Santa is huge, muscular, and has tats.  The tooth fairy looks like something out of Avatar.  I wasn’t sure.  But we saw it, I teared up, Sassy LOVED it.  So I say GO.  It was awesome. 

Now the revew.

Me:  So, what did you think of the movie, hon?

Sassy:  It was funny!  The baby tooths were cute.  And Santa’s elves were funny.

Me:  What was your favorite part?

Sassy:  I like Sandy- he was funny.  What were those big monsters?

Sassy:  Mom!

Sassy: MOM!!

Me:  What?

Sassy:  When I’m big and I lose my teeth will baby tooths come take them away?

Me:  Um.  Well.  When you lose your teeth, you put it under a pillow and then the tooth fairy comes and gives you a quarter. 

Sassy:  Mom! What if I lose TWO teeth?

Me:  Then you get two quarters.  So, back to the movie.  What did you like the least about it?

Sassy:  The boogeyman was spooky and scary and mean. 

Me:  Yeah- did he scare you too much?


Sassy:  No, If  saw him, I’d punch him in the mouth and kick him in the neck.

Me:  Ok……  well…uh that’s good, I guess.  But you don’t have to worry about boogeymen because they aren’t even real. 

Sassy:  Yes he is. 

Sassy:  MOM! 

Me:  What?

Sassy:  If the boogeyman comes to my room, I’ll spank his butt.  ::giggles::

Me:  Um, we aren’t supposed to use that word.

Sassy:  I’ll spank his booty!  ::moregiggles::

Me:  Can you please not talk like that?

Sassy:  Poop.  ::LOTSOFGIGGLES::

Me:  I said I don’t like that language.

Sassy:  He’s a poopoo.  ::uncontrollablegiggles::

Me:  ::eyeroll::  BACK to the MOVIE.  The boogeyman is not coming to your room, Mkay?  So.  Did you like Jack?

Sassy:  ::giggling::  Jack said poopoo to the baby tooth.

Me:  No he didn’t.  Are you going to talk about the movie or poop?

Sassy:  MOOoooom you aren’t supposed to say poop. 

Me:  ::headsteeringwheel::  Fine.  Anything you would like to add about the movie?

Sassy:  um, when I grow old like you, I’m going to be a guardian and beat the boogeyman. 

Me:  Okay, you can do that, honey.


And that pretty much ended the conversation.  So not sure what you got from that, other than poop and potty humor are big time entertainment for the four year old.


But if you are worried about taking your kids, the movie was very cute.  I actually loved it.  I wouldn’t mind seeing it again.  The boogeyman (a.k.a Pitch) was a little spooky, but she kind of digs that sort of thing so we didn’t have any nightmares or anything from it. 

It was actually really funny.  There were times when I was laughing out loud.  We had a great time!

What good kid movies have you seen lately?


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