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Raise Lupus Awareness- Put On Purple for Lupus Friday, May 17

Posted May 14 2013 1:03pm


I will be wearing purple this Friday, May 17th in an effort to spread Lupus awareness.

lupus awareness

I first read about Lupus when I was about 10.  I read a book about a girl who was like me, but then diagnosed and fell victim to Lupus.  It was one of the saddest books I had ever read and to this day, stays with me.  It was beautifully written and I really connected with Alexa, the fictional girl.  I remember reading the last line and the tears fell.  It was so tragic and I felt so sad for this character.



Years later, in high school, someone very dear and extremely close to me was diagnosed with Lupus.  No one in my family really knew anything about the disease, and my only point of reference was that sad book I read years ago.  I cried again, and this time I was extremely scared for her and uncertain of what would come.

I watched over the years as she fought through “flares” that locked her body up in so much pain that she could not function for days.  I watched her wince with every move.  I sat with her through many many doctor and hospital visits trying to diagnose some new ailment that was so obviously related to this disease that attacked her immune system and left her so very weak.

She is the most amazing woman- full of strength and determination.  She has fought this battle for over twenty years and not ONCE has she let it defeat her.  She has powered through every painful reaction, every flare.  When I would have clearly given up and stayed in bed for weeks, she has powered on.

Every thing that this debilitating disease has hurled at her- she has overcome.

It has not been easy for her.  She continues to live her life as if she did not have this condition.  This is not easy to do.  It’s an extremely impossible feat to hide that misery.  Most people may not have been aware of what she was battling, but I could clearly see the pain etched on her face and in her eyes.  I knew.

It is very difficult to watch someone you love battle this chronic disease which attacks your body’s healthy tissue and immune system and leaves them enveloped in extraordinary tormented agony.  It is even more difficult to know that there is nothing you can do but help alleviate the many impossible symptoms that erupt with each new ailment.

You see, Lupus attacks the immune system which leaves the person vulnerable to pretty much any sickness, virus, and bacterial infection out there.  So you aren’t just fighting the disease, you are fighting the infections and viruses that attack when the body is vulnerable.


There needs to be more awareness.  There needs to be more education.  There needs to be more funding.

I feel I can not fully tell the story of sister’s battle because it is really her story to tell.  I can only relate what I have witnessed as a concerned little sister on the sidelines- rushing to help, always concerned, helping her fight daily anyway I know how.

But I can write about it today.  And I can help spread the awareness.


Put on your purple this Friday.  Blog about it.  Read about it.  Learn more.  Please help raise more awareness about this chronic, painful, and deadly disease.


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