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Quick Healthy Meal Idea

Posted by Lis S.

Tonight I made a quick, healthy meal for the kids I take care of and thought I'd post the idea. I find that a lot of the "quick" meal recipes and "30-minute dinners" are actually only "quick" or "30-minutes" if you're on a cooking show and have all the ingredients pre-cut, pre-measured and in cute little ramakins. This recipe really isn't even a recipe. But it really is quick.

Throw some brown rice on and while it's cooking, give the kids a bath or put your feet up and read a magazine. I was never into it before, but the rice-in-a-bag that you just throw in the pot is actually a nice convenience. If you're using rice-in-a-bag, throw is some cut up broccoli during the last few minutes of the rice's cooking time. Yep, same pot...just toss it in. If you're using conventional rice, you'll have to use a conventional broccoli cooking method. Try steaming it or microwaving it. When the rice and broccoli are both done, throw them in a bowl, add shredded cheese and a splash of milk, salt and pepper, stir. This is yummy (way yummier than it sounds) and a perfect dinner to feed to the kids if you're going out or eating later. (The broccoli can be overcooked and mashed for the pickier eaters.)

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I've gotten into the habit of feeding my kids scrambled eggs with stir fried veggies about once a week. Of course this requires kids have a taste for vegetables, and mine do. But for overall ease and nutritional value, you can't beat eggs!
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