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Profiled in the Wall Street Journal: Happy Crazy Fit Moms

Posted Jul 23 2012 12:00am
I knew there was a rise in moms finding fitness in the chaos of motherhood. The book I co-wrote, Hot (Sweaty) Mamas: Five Secrets to Life as a Fit Mom was born when two moms clinging to their fitness knew other moms were feeling the same, either needing words of encouragement or advice to keep fitness a priority in their life--ahem--guilt free.

Now our strength in numbers qualifies us as a bonafide marketing niche according to this recent Wall Street Journal article: Don't Hate Her for Being Fit: More Moms Squeeze in Workouts as "Me" Time...

Remember how, before you had kids, working out was never considered "Me Time," which more closely resembled something like a day-long shopping spree or staying in bed all day to finish a book. Now "Me Time" is most definitely self-care, triaged into the most beneficial of activities, and what else is going to benefit me more in terms of mental and physical health than a workout? Yup, fitness is now part of "Me Time."

But, let's face it, if I waited for "Me Time" to workout, I might get a workout in three times a year. As we mention in Hot (Sweaty) Mamas, a fit mom has to Make Time, Take Time, Share Time and Snare Time to squeeze in her fitness and that's why Athleta refers to their fit mom customers as "Happy Crazy: Her schedule is crazy but she's not looking to escape it."

Fitting in fitness means I get to watch a sunrise as I circle the track while the rest of the family sleeps.

Fitting in fitness means tracking down the last babysitter on the planet to go paddleboarding.

Fitting in fitness means taking my kids out for a bike ride (with ice cream and park stops).

Fitting in fitness means scoring a workout while it appears I'm doing something else entirely.

Happy. Yes. Crazy. Yes. Love my life? Resounding YES.

I feel profiled down to my "To Fro" dress from Athleta. Here I am after last week's triathlon. I went straight from the race to the mall with my daughter who needed new sneakers, believing that if I looked good I couldn't possibly smell bad.

What about you? Do you fit the profile of the Happy Crazy Fit Mom?

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