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Products of the ZONE diet, Part 1

Posted Feb 28 2010 4:59pm

One month ago, I posted that I would be starting the ZONE diet.  Even though I wasn’t overweight, I still felt like I could lose some body fat and in watching my Cross Fit trainers ( you can read about them here) , it looked like the right way to go about losing the fat.   Also, I had been having some dizzy spells at school while teaching and found that as soon as I went on the ZONE diet, that dizziness went away.

A little background on the ZONE:

The ZONE diet is not a high-protein diet.  At any one meal, you eat 3-4 ounces of protein and you are eating more carbohydrates than protein at any one meal.

Basically, the focus is on protein, fruits and vegetables, nuts and seeds and no sugar.

“You will be protected from arthritis and osteoporosis.  Lowering insulin can alleviate tissue inflammation, because reduced insulin levels also mean reduced levels of the building blocks of pain- producing eicosanoids.  By decreasing these eicosanoids,  you relieve the pain and inflammation associated with arthritis.  Essentially, the ZONE diet works in much the same way as aspirin: both control pain by controlling eicosanoids. (page 20 of Week in the ZONE)


The ZONE Nutrition Bars :  These bars are an almost perfect combination of proteins, carbohydrates and fats and would be considered a 2 block meal.   I found these to be an incredibly convenient snack in times when there was NO TIME for preparing real food.  I’ve tried several flavors and found the Sweet and Salty or the Cocoa Crisp to be the best tasting of all the bars.

The ZONE Nutrition Shakes: The shakes when mixed with milk provide a 3 block meal.  I’ve tried the chocolate and have loved them.  For me, I rely on these shakes when I’m in a rush in the morning or as a late afternoon meal.  Incredibly convenient, easy to make shakes for time starved people.

Here’s my opinion:

The hardest part of being on the ZONE diet (or any kind of diet) is the planning it requires.  To be successful, you need to plan all your meals and snacks ahead of time.  And, knowing the quantities to eat at any given meal.  The book says all you need is your eye and the palm of your hand- but I’d still prefer to use a measuring cup and a scale- but both take time.  The bars and shakes offered me time shortcuts for when I hadn’t planned my next meal.   One drawback of them is the price; they are expensive- both will run approximately $2.50 a piece.    However, I won’t hesitate to have them on hand- because I’d rather eat/drink these than have a non-zone meal.

My results thus far…ok, so, I forgot to take any measurements one month ago, but, if you saw this post, you know that I AM SHRINKING!!!!

Who has positive experiences of being on the ZONE diet?! Share, please.

P.S. I would like to thank the representatives of the ZONE diet for sending me these bars and shakes.  I am thrilled to have the opportunity to try them.

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