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Press Ups

Posted Oct 13 2010 12:58am
performing your exercises correctly with good form will target the correct muscle groups, strengthen and tone your body so that you look and feel good, and most importantly reduce the risk of injuries whilst you train.

When it comes to exercises it is vital that you know the correct way to carry them out and how to breathe during the exercise, we will talk more about breathing in a later article.

Take your time on every exercise that you do, think about your body position, how the exercise is done and what muscle group you are working.

Let’s look at the good old press up as an example.  This is a very common exercise especially in your day to day training but so many people find it hard just to do 10. The first thing we need to get right is the position of the body and the main structure for this is your core. If your core i.e. your abdominals are weak holding the position will be difficult so building the strength in your core is very important. The best way to do this is practising an exercise which is called the plank and side planks.

When you start to practise your press ups there are different variations that you can choose from to ensure you get your position and posture right. If you start by doing them against a wall, feet back, even though it will seem easy but it will ensure you get the exercise right before dropping down into the correct press up position. Don’t worry, you are still working the correct muscle groups while you are dong this and more importantly building your core.

Once you are happy that you have the positioning correct then start doing inclined press ups so you are dropping down all the time, this time use something like a bench. You will see that it becomes harder. Concentrate on the core position and practise doing good quality exercises.

Once you feel that you have mastered the technique then drop fully down into the press up position and practise, practise, practise remembering all the points we have spoken about, take your time, breathe correctly and concentrate on the correct position. There is a saying that practise makes perfect but it’s not always true because if you are practising the wrong technique then it will always be wrong and you will not benefit and could incur injuries.

To that end if you are unsure ASK, you may know a personal trainer or be part of a gym so ask someone if you are doing them correctly.

Kind regards


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