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Prenatal Yoga- Allow Your Breath To Guide Your Labor

Posted Jun 24 2008 5:02pm

I found that the yoga breath added me greatly for both of my natural labors.  I allowed my body to do what it needed to do vs. resisting and tightening.  I imagined that I was riding a wave.  As I took a deep breath I imagined riding a big wave up, up, up, and as I exhaled I rode the wave back down.  At the top of the wave the contraction was the most intense, and as I exhaled the intensity decreased and I rode the wave down.  In your third trimester I recommend connecting to your breath.  Try this simple exercise:

Connect to Your Breath Exercise

 Sit tall and close your eyes.

2.  Inhale and bring the breath to the top of your head, exhale bring the breath to your sit bones. 

3.  As you breath notice how the breath makes you feel.  Are you more calm?  centered? relaxed? focused?

4.Repeat the breath 8-10 times or as much as needed

For more information or to purchase3rd Trimester Prenatal Yoga DVDvisit:


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