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Prenatal Exercise- Safe Exercise At The Beginning of Pregnancy

Posted Feb 05 2010 5:12pm

To Sara of Fit by Sara: ”I am the early stages of pregnancy (1 month) and my current workout plan includes walking on the treadmill at a 5.2 speed for 30mins. do i need to stop this as it may harm the baby?”

From Sara of Fit by Sara: “First I would consult with your doctor about any exercise program.  As long as you have a healthy pregnancy and your doc gives you the thumbs up you are good to go and can continue to do exercises you’ve done prior to getting pregnant. Walking is an excellent choice to do beforeduringand after pregnancy.  The key is to listen to your bodyand reduce the speed and/or hill instensity as your pregnancy progresses (your body will let you know!).  If you ever feel out of breathdizzyor overheated take a break and have water.  Be sure to stay hydrated during your workout.  

 Stay active as long as you can…you’ll be glad you did because it can lead to an easier pregnancy (less aches and pains)easier labor (shorter time)and quicker bounce back (less baby weight to lose).  Besides walkingother great exercises for pregnancy are prenatal yoga (visit my website for pre and postnatal dvds) and walking.” -Sara HollidayMFTCPT

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