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Prenatal Exercise- Most Beneficial Exercises During Pregnancy

Posted Apr 16 2010 10:46am

To Sara of Fit by Sara: “I know it’s good for me to exercise while I’m pregnant.  Which exercises do you feel will be most beneficial to stay in shape and aide in my bounce back?”

From Fit by Sara: “The 3 exercises I recommend the most are yoga, walking, and swimming.  All of these exercises can be done from the beginning of your pregnancy all the way to the end and beyond.  Yoga is excellent for relieving physical discomforts typically caused in pregnancy.  You will also gain greater body awareness and breath techniques that can aide in your labor.  Swimming is a wonderful exercise that will soothe any discomforts and make you feel light which is wonderful in your third trimester.  You can vary up your walking routine as your belly grows.  For example you can powerwalk and incorporate small hills in the earlier stages of your pregnancy, then walk on flat surfaces during your third trimester.  The key is to remain active as long as you can during your pregnancy.  You will look and feel better and get back your body much quicker.” -Sara Holliday MFT, CPT

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