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Prenatal Exercise-Abdominal Exercises

Posted Mar 18 2010 2:48pm

To Sara of Fit by Sara: “I know now that I’m pregnant I’m not supposed to lay on my back to do abdominal exercises, but I want to keep them as toned as possible.  Is there anything I can do to keep my abs in shape while I’m pregnant?”

From Fit by Sara: “Actually as long as you have a healthy pregnancy and your doctors gives you the thumbs up you can do abdominal exercises on your back during your first trimester.  However, after the first trimester of pregnancy you are correct, you should no longer lay on your back to work your abdominals.  Have no fear, you can still keep your abs in shape.  Try this simple “modified ab crunch” exercise *Begin seated in a backless chair or stool.
*Lean back with your arms extended in front of you. 
*As you lean back stop when you feel your abdominal muscles contracting/working.
*Use your arms to help you return to an upright seated position. 
*Repeat “modified seated ab crunch” 10-15 times.
**Note: if this exercise is uncomfortable for you Do NOT do it.  Listening to your body is the key to a healthy, fit pregnancy.” -Sara Holliday, MFT, CPT

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