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Postpartum Weight Loss: Yoga Move To Tone Your Tush

Posted Oct 28 2010 11:13am

To Sara of Fit by Sara: What’s a good yoga move to tone my tush?

From Fit by Sara: “Yoga is great for toning your entire body. If you want a specific yoga move to tone your buttocks try what I call the “Yoga runners lunge”. To do the move *Begin standing at the back of your mat
*Take a large step forward with your right foot (take up as much of your mat as possible)
*Bend your right knee so your right leg is parallel with the floor
*Come up to the ball of your left foot so your left heal is raised
*Place your hands at your heart center.
*If you feel balanced reach your arms straight up to the sky, fingers open, palms towards each other
*Make sure your hips are forward/ squared
*Keep your right knee bent, back straight and your chest lifted as you bend your left knee 4 inches from the floor (into a lunge)
*Straighten your left leg while maintaining the bend in the right knee (tip: you stay in the lunge the whole time. The only thing that moves is your left leg which bends towards the floor)
*Repeat the lunge 8 times
*Go into downward dog and hold for 2 breathes
*Repeat the lunge on your left leg
*Go back into downward dog and hold for 2 breathes
*Repeat the runners lunge to downward dog sequence 5 times
~Benefits: Tones the buttocks and quadriceps (upper thigh)” -Sara Holliday MFT, CPT

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