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Postpartum Weight Loss: What’s Eating You?

Posted Mar 24 2009 3:03pm

Have you noticed that when you feel stressed you feel like eating?  If so, what do you crave?  For me I notice I crave chocolate.  Many of us use food to de-stress and it becomes a problem when we eat too much of it and put on weight.  The first step is to understand “what’s eating you”- meaning what’s bothering you.  After you realize what’s bothering you, realize that food isn’t REALLY going to make it better.  It might make you feel better temporarily, but you’re unlikely to like the weight that comes with it.  The second step is to understand what you’re craving when you’re stressed.  The third step is to chose something other than food, or if you’re able too, have just a little bit.  For example, instead of having a whole chocolate bar I have a few chocolate chips.  If rationing is out of the question, skip the food option all together and find something that won’t pack on the pounds.

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