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Postpartum Weight Loss- Understand Your Body’s Hunger Cues and Lose Weight

Posted Sep 08 2010 4:33pm

To Sara of Fit by Sara: “I was reading through your blog posts and I found one that said you should eat when you’re vs. waiting to eat till a certain time in order to lose weight. My problem is I’m not hungry when I should be. I’m not hungry in the morning when it’s time for breakfast, nor at noon. I usually don’t even eat that much at dinner. Any advice?”

From Fit by Sara: “My point is there shouldn’t be a time that you feel you need to eat. Start tuning in to when you ARE hungry.  Learn the signs of hunger in your body such as your tummy rumbling, low energy, irritability, or thinking about food a lot. Once you understand what it feels like in your body you should eat (instead of waiting). So if you’re not hungry for breakfast at the “normal time” wait and eat when you ARE hungry. Same thing goes for lunch.  Most people notice that when they learn to abide by their bodies hunger cues, they eat more often but their portions are smaller, their cravings go down, their energy goes up, and they lose weight .” -Sara Holliday MFT, CPT

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