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Postpartum Weight Loss- Reached a Plateau in Your Weight Loss?

Posted Jun 02 2009 3:54pm

To Sara: “I’ve been really consistent about exercising and eating healthy and am proud of my weight loss of 15 lbs., however, I still have more to lose and it seems my weight has plateaued.  Any suggestions?”

From Sara: “If your weight has plateaud it could mean you have reached your “set point”, meaning the point where your body is supposed to be in order to function at it’s best.  If however you feel you really need to lose more weight to be your healthiest, I recommend changing up your exercise routine.  For example, if you enjoy walking add a few short burst of faster pace exercise like a 2 min. jog, or 5 min. of kickboxing, or 2-5 min. of walking up and down stairs.  These fast pace intervals will increase your heart rate so you ultimately burn more calories, plus the change in your routine will likely result in an increase in muscle tone, and muscle burns more calories at rest.”

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