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Postpartum Weight Loss: Juice instead of Fruit and Veggies

Posted Sep 01 2010 5:28pm

To Sara of Fit by Sara: “I know I need to eat more fruit and veggies but I’m not a big fan of either. What about if I drink fruit or vegetable juice instead? Would it still benefit me?”

From Fit by Sara: “The best bet is to eat fresh veggies and fruit because when you eat fresh you will intake more essential vitamins and minerals. Also juice is much higher in calories than eating a whole fruit or mulitple veggies. For example, have you ever made fresh squeezed orange juice? It takes about 5 oranges to make anything worth serving! So you can only imagine how much fruit had to be used to make multiple servings. Since you’re not a big fan of fruit or veggies how about puree your veggies and put them in other things such as tomato sauce? Tomato sauce can have a good serving of veggies and you can eat it over whole grain pasta for a meal.  As for fruit, I recommend trying different types.  There so many, you’ve got to find at least one that you like! Right now stawberries, mango, and watermelon are delicious. Just remember to eat fresh as much as possible and take a multi-vitamin to make sure you get what your body is missing.” -Sara Holliday MFT, CPT

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