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Postpartum Weight Loss- Eat at the Right Time to Lose Weight

Posted Nov 23 2010 3:35pm

To Sara of Fit by Sara: “Does it really make a difference when I eat dinner if I want to lose weight? My husband doesn’t get home till 8 p.m. so I sit with the kids earlier while they eat and wait to eat with my husband.”

“I understand that you want to wait to eat with your husband so you can spend a little time together, however it certainly may be impacting your weight loss progress. If you’re waiting to eat, you’re likely to be really hungry and eat a large meal. The later we eat the harder it is on our bodies to digest when we go to bed. Our metabolism slows down dramatically and we don’t burn as many calories.  Therefore I recommend that you eat a small to medium portion of food with your children and a light portion of food with your husband. The other benefit of eating with your children is you role model the type of foods to eat (so make the choice a healthy one) and show how to properly eat food. “-Sara Holliday MFT, CPT

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