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Postpartum Weight Loss: Depressed by Images in Magazines

Posted Sep 22 2010 3:00pm

To Sara of Fit by Sara: “I had my baby 9 mo. ago and am back in my pre-pregnancy clothes. I felt good about my progress until I looked in the magazines and saw images of new moms with perfect bodies. Now I’m depressed. Any suggestions?”

From Fit by Sara: “First of all congrats on your success! You should feel so proud of yourself for your accomplishment. Remember the images in magazines are air-brushed and many of the women are celebrities who have personal trainers and chefs. Instead of comparing yourself to images in magazines look at your personal accomplishments. You had a baby just 9 mo. ago and are in your pre-pregnancy clothes!Many moms would LOVE to be in your shoes. Change your focus from the images in magazines to offering guidance to other moms to help them get back their bodies. Stop yourself from thinking negative thoughts and say positive self-statements five times such as “I am fit” and “I feel good” every morning and every evening to encourage healthy thinking.” -Sara Holliday MFT, CPT

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