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Postpartum Weight Loss- “Can I really get a yoga body from only doing yoga?”

Posted Mar 22 2010 3:05pm

To Sara of Fit by Sara: “Can I really get a yoga body from only doing yoga? Or do I need to add extra cardio and weights?”

From Fit by Sara: “Our bodies reflect the type of exercise we do.  For example, runners typically have well toned thighs, swimmers have defined backs, and yogis are typically lean and long.  Certain types of yoga such as Vinyasa incorporate a fluid movement of postures that can get your heart rate up and chutarunga (plank to a lowering pushup position) really works the shoulders and upper arms.  So if done regularly (3X per week min. along w/ healthy eating), yes certain more vigorous types of yoga can really transform your body to the lean, long look.  If you aren’t doing yoga regularly I recommend adding a couple of light weight workouts along with additional cardio to get your heart rate up. - Sara Holliday, MFT, CPT

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