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Postpartum Functional Active Training-I made that one up

Posted May 20 2009 1:20pm
I liked last week's acronym so much I thought I'd create one of my own. Postpartum Functional Active Training, or PFAT. (Incidentally that's pronounced "fat," but I'm not poking fun at the pfostpfartum body.) PFAT is akin to NEPA (Non Exercise Physical Activity), in that it is physical activity you would be doing as a new mom.  

Here are my top PFAT exercises, which take into account you have a newborn (postpartum) and have to do certain things with this newborn (functional), while still going on about your day (active).

Lullaby on the Ball: If you used a physioball during pregnancy or childbirth, don't put it away yet. These stability balls are often better than rocking chairs for lulling newborns to sleep or calming a cranky baby. Bonus is the free core workout. Bounce straight up and down and then let your hips move side to side. When you're ready try bouncing with one foot lifted off the floor. Extra points for not falling off with baby. Seriously, don't do that. 

Stairmaster Sleeper: First attach baby with your preferred method of wearing baby (carrier, sling, wrap, etc.) and take to the stairs. Usually on the fifth round of going up and down your stairs baby will be out. Make this activity functional by taking items that belong up and returning whatever needs to come down (my girls are forever redistributing clothes and toys throughout the house).

Almost Asleep Leg Lifts: The baby's eyes are shut but you're too afraid to put him down. While you wait those extra minutes in front of the crib lift your right leg behind you ten times and then repeat on the other leg. Do as many sets as you need to ensure your baby stays asleep when you put him down. This exercise is particularly good to counter all the sitting you may be doing while feeding the baby--the leg lifts strengthen the gluteus muscles that get stretched and weakened from sitting (why your low back might be hurting, too). 

Do you have any PFAT exercises to share?

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