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Passed Out on a Bean Bag Chair Eating Cotton Candy

Posted Jun 17 2012 11:06am

My 500th post, Y’all!!!

And I’m spending it in grand fashion!!! SUNDAY SWEET, which is a SUNDAE!!! A Sunday Sundae if you will. Trust me, this one will be eaten before it has a chance to look melt-y enough for you to instagram the damn thing. My husband was practically foaming at the mouth waiting for me to take the damn picture so he could eat it.

To be honest, it’s sort of fun to tell him “not yet, not yet” (no TWSS jokes in the comments, I’ve already thought and dismissed all of them for that last sentence) while waiting for ice cream to get the perfect amount of melty goodness down its sides.

Running on the pier yesterday, I had a revelation. It is cruel and unusual torture, and a very specific breed of masochism to run along a path where you smell nothing but cotton candy, funnel cakes, taco truck delights, and a great many and varied forms of dipped apples. My mouth watered and my strawberry-lemonade NUUN water did NOT quench my thirst for a hand shaken lemonade–light on the sugar, heavy on the lemon. It made it worse. When I ran by the margarita stand…yes, a MARGARITA stand, I about had it. I thought, “can I lopsidedly run the next 3 miles? It might be an interesting challenge!?” It would be like a hazing ritual for a track and field sorority.

I never did ANYTHING fun with my sorority. It was purely academic and purely associative. LAME. It’s an honor society with Greek letters. I think I may have missed out on getting pissed and falling asleep upside down in a bean bag chair, with a broken beach umbrella as a blanket. Instead, I chose to fall asleep with a cup of coffee in my hand, nose down in a calculus textbook.

Where did I go so wrong in my life? Anyone have a bean bag chair?

So I refused the sticky tequila concoction like a mature friggen adult who was pouting like a toddler, and finished my damn 3 mile trek back to my shower. I felt smug. Smug, and sober. Thank the heavens I have you scamps to tweet me tales of your less-than-honorable drunken evenings to keep me entertained.

Now, onto the SUNDAY SUNDAE SWEET! This is more a recipe for “how to make shit look cool, and present them neat-like” than a recipe. I made this recipe with brownie ice cream sandwiches for party appetizers in mind. Tiny ice cream sandwiches, for fancy people…or leprechauns….whatever.

First, you’re going to need a silicone brownie pan…the kind where it’s little silicone this…

This is the one I have, it’s Wilton, and it works well.

THEN you’re going to bake brownies in it and let them cool entirely before you remove them. I ONLY use THIS recipe. You can add whatevs; nuts, peanut butter, espresso powder, anything.

THEN you are going to spread softened ice cream into those little impressions and FREEZE IT OVERNIGHT.

Then you assemble your sandwiches by removing the ice cream squares by first running a knife along the edge of them, putting it between two brownie bits, wrapping them tightly with saran wrap, and FREEZING THE HELL OUT OF THEM. Unless you have dry ice..but, Why do you have dry ice? Can I have some? I kind of want to make my kitchen look like the elven domain from “Lord of the Rings” or like “Narnia”..I’ll be the Julia Child ice queen of KitchenNarnia! Someone, quick! Find me a human/chicken hybrid to do my bidding!

I served mine with mascerated, cooked berries, and more ice cream. It was wicked good.

left to get melty for visual purposes

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