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On Climbing Mountains

Posted Aug 22 2010 9:09pm

In my lifetime, I have climbed many mountains- both physically and personally.  I have climbed Mt. Whitney, San Gorgonio, Mt Baldy and many other local mountains with my dad.  These are experiences that are burned into my memory like tiny little photographs in the back of my head.  All of these mountains have elevations that are over 10,000.  Nowadays, I climb mountains in other ways- namely in some of the ridiculously hard cross fit workouts, in being a mother, a wife and a full time employee.  Sometimes, I feel sorry for myself.  Sometimes, it just feels like it’s SO MUCH that I just can’t handle another minute.  And, then there are days when I feel like I could climb any mountain no matter the height.

Recently, several of my very close friends have been given VERY LARGE MOUNTAINS to climb- not physically, but, emotionally.  Some are marital problems and some are incurable diseases of their loved ones.  Tonight, I am incredibly grateful for what I have and I am so sad for them.  My friends all are incredibly smart resilient people whom I know will climb their own mountains….just wishing they didn’t have to.

Let’s all be sincerely grateful for what we have!

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