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Oh HI! I am SO Unorganized.

Posted Feb 22 2013 5:25pm

This week has been CUHRAZY busy for me at my place of employment.

I’ve been trying to find time to post, I have a couple of recipes I’m working on as well as some other ideas up my sleeve.


But I apologize for the absence.


Life is seriously kicking my butt lately.  I’m not gonna lie.


You know those ladies that have two kids, a full time job, many other hobbies, and seem to have it all together?


That’s not me.


I’ll put it to you this way.  Some days, I’m just proud of myself for making it through the day.

I have found that the transition back into the work force after having my second hasn’t been the easiest for me.


But I do think I”m coming out of the fog.  I mean he’s almost 10 months old.  I think it’s about time, no?

So I apologize for my lack of posting, I’ve been a bit unorganized and scattered.


My sister sent this to me and I literally laughed out loud because I do this to myself ALL THE TIME.

I've got this
And no, I am not trying to be that perfect mom, with the perfect home, and perfect kids.


Most days my five year old looks like a hobo based on the fact that she can totally dress herself.  


WHY didn’t I take a photo of her “outfit” today?  You would have LOVED it.


But I tell myself over and over again that I do not need to handle everything, it’s okay to let some things go, and then in the very next breath- my controlling alter ego pops in and says WHAT?  You totally got this!! And then crap starts unraveling because I’ve taken on too much…again.  Rinse, lather, and repeat.


You’d think I’d learn the lesson by now.  Perhaps one day I will.


Until then, I have 879678895 projects in mind, 65497079 ideas I’d like to do, two adorable kids I love to smooch, a full time corporate job, and no time to myself.  And I love my life.


Any hints on organization at this point are GREATLY appreciated.  I can be your special project.  Teach me how to manage my time better.  Please.  :)  Is there a class I can take on this?  For free?


I hope you have a wonderful wonderful stress free and relaxing weekend!

Friday you sexy bitch




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