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Nursing is Best

Posted Jan 24 2009 11:45am

So my first goal to Be Well in 2008 was to get back to my pre-pregnancy weight.  I delivered a beautiful baby girl at the end of 2007, and I was eager to get back to "normal".  It is as all the health professionals say--breast is best, and not only for your baby!  I not only went back to my old weight, I lost a few pounds more. 

 I did not have much time to assume my normal workouts and cardio because I went back to work right after maternity leave.  For some reason, I did not eat as healthily as I had pre-pregnancy.  I still had fruits and veggies, but I snuck in stuff I normally do not or less frequently eat .  Plus, I had to eat more to make milk.  So I know nursing that played the major role in helping me attain my goal. 

 I nursed for about eight months till my girl decided she preferred the bottle, but I was committed to nursing for one year.   I pumped the remaining four months, and it sure was a hassle.  BUT...for peace of mind that

1) I had a good excuse to eat a little bit more during the transition from being to not pregnant

2) I have improved my chances of avoiding breast cancer as shown by clinical studies

3) my girl will experience fewer chronic illnesses and colds...

 the hassle was worth it!

Next goal in 2009 is to get back to exercising including something to get my heart rate up and something to get my muscles toned again.

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