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Numbers or Heart?

Posted Mar 01 2013 9:57pm

The question will always be, what kind of runner are you?  A pace monster or a  naked runner ?

Some Numbers:

- {1:20} my latest 400m repeat time

- {9:50} pace/mile of my first marathon

- {8:12} pace/mile of my latest marathon

- {7:55} pace/mile of my fastest half marathon

- {14:41} pace/mile of the last race I ran during pregnancy, a 4 miler

- {6:25} fastest timed mile on record

- {26:08} finish time of my first ever race, a 5K

What was in my heart:

Ran with good friends.  Smile on my face and speed in my tired legs because I loved every second of it.  I didn’t look at a Garmin once.  

Ran completely by heart, no time, no pacer, no goals other than to finish.  It was a roller coaster of emotions.  Joy, fear, pain, exhaustion, pride.  When I was finished, I didn’t even look at my time, I only saw the faces of my loved ones and collapsed into their arms.

Ran by pace, glanced at my watch almost every mile until miles 21-26.2 when the amazing Katherine took the reigns and pushed me to the finish.  I missed my Boston Goal by 10 seconds and although it was a 13 minute PR it will forever be the race that I missed my BQ by 10 seconds. 

Ran by feel, pushed myself to a new limit of racing.  I felt the wall and I pushed through it.  I glanced at my watch but I didn’t have a pace that I was trying to keep so it didn’t mean much.  I loved every second of this race , I loved the pain, I loved the fact that I didn’t have expectations and that I chose with my heart to run fast. 

I walk/ran this race.  I was 6 1/2 months pregnant with the twins, it was July and super hot.  Next to me was the best RB in the world making sure that no one bumped me.  This was the last race I needed to participate in for the 9+1 program and entry to the 2011 NYC Marathon .  I will always be proudest of this race, it was pure heart.  

2012 5th Avenue Mile race with NYRR.  I wanted a fast time, but I never looked at my watch I just gave it everything I had. 

This was the day I learned I had a competitive side.  Not only did I run way faster than I ever had before I also needed to beat everyone that I came to the race with.  I had no idea what a Garmin was.  

I say why should we have to chose?  Can’t the love of running and the need for speed just get along?  In my world they do.  

The Doctrine of My Run

Focus on your love of the run – the times will follow.  
Learn your body, your breath and the feel of the ground underneath you.  Your true pace will always be when all of these things are in harmony
  Push yourself on speed workouts, look at your watch obsessively and analyze your splits.  When race day comes – Trust. That. Training.     Slow down for your friends if you need to, speed up to run with the fast kids.  Relish the camaraderie of other runners.     Use your watch to understand yourself as a runner, learn from those splits.  What is too fast? When is it too easy? What pace is just fun? What pace is pure pain?     Lastly, listen to your heart and your body always.  Run how you want to run and never ever limit yourself with a pace 

What is the doctrine of your run?



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