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Not Just Tough for Mom After Baby

Posted by Teresa J.

Weight loss can be tough for Dad after baby comes. Because of loss of sleep, make-it-and-eat-it-quick diet, and time constraints (babies can take up more time than you think), Daddies are finding that they gain weight post-partum! There's a lot more emphasis on Mom's health after baby comes (which makes sense, of course) so Dad's should be made aware of what they're in for. Check out thisarticle for tips for dads who don't want to pack on the pounds after baby.
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My husband seemed to sleep through it all. I was just happy when I dropped below his weight again. He's just that way though. He doesn't seem to gain the pounds the way I do. He's stressed-he loses weight. I'm stressed and I'm fighting myself trying to stay away from those comfort foods!
My husband is sickening the way he can eat junk food 24/7 and still look great. I swear, he does an ab video 3 times and he gets an instant 6 pack! I hate being fatter than him, but somebody had to have the baby! I would have secretly loved it if he gained weight too...

LOL, Diane, wouldn't we all love that?! Actually, my hubby did gain weight while I was pregnant with baby #1 but he lost his very quickly. His belly doesn't firm up quite as quickly as your hubby's does but he does lose weight in what seems instantaneous time to me!!

And, Cindy, how I wish I could LOSE weight when I'm stressed. It seems I do the opposite. You're right. Darn those comfort foods!

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