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No Equipment Exercises for Beginners

Posted Mar 08 2013 10:38am

This is a guest post. No journey to peak health and fitness is complete without an exercise program. The problem is most of us struggle to find time to fit in a workout. Combining work, social life, study, motherhood and whatever else steps in your way does not make your day any longer. Luckily you can get your workout in at home, without any equipment or weights and no unnecessary travel to the gym. I’m going to show you how.

8 No Equipment Exercises for Beginners


I suggest you get a chair to guide you. Stand in front of the chair and squat backwards until your butt just tips it, then stand back up. Try to move from your hips first! Try to do 20 repetitions onto the chair and see how it goes.

8 No Equipment Exercises to do at Home


Push up

I recommend starting out on a chair if you’re new to push-ups until you can do 15 repetitions well. Then get on the floor!

8 No Equipment Exercises to do at Home


Make sure your knee doesn’t go over your toe when you step forward. Start with around 10 repetitions on each leg.

8 No Equipment Exercises to do at Home

Couch hip extensions

I like this exercise because it gets your butt working and it’s really important for your lower back. Start with your shoulders on the couch and with your bum on the floor. Extend up until your body is straight and make sure you push through your heels! If you get really good at it, advance to one leg.

8 No Equipment Exercises to do at Home


Wall Tricep Extensions

Start with your hands above you on the wall and lean into it a bit. Bend at your elbows and keep your body super strong and straight.

8 No Equipment Exercises to do at Home

Wall Squats with Calf Raise

Gotta love two in one exercises, a bigger bang for your buck. Stay in a static hold on the wall, and try to lift your heels up and do a calf raise. Try to very slowly do 10 calf raises and feel the burn!

Plank Holds

Start simple on the floor with a normal plank, just make sure your body is straight and your bum isn’t high up in the air or sagging to the floor. Try to hold as long as you can!

8 No Equipment Exercises to do at Home


Start with two legs and slowly raise your body up until it is straight. Push through your heels. If this is too easy for you, do them with one leg!

8 No Equipment Exercises to do at Home

If you are looking for a workout detailing reps and sets, check out this beginners workout routine . It will help you burn calories and get a very effective workout, without needing any equipment. Combine that three times a week with your healthy eating plan and you are on your way to a healthy and fit body. Do you have other exercises for beginners that you would recommend? Let us know.

Author Bio:

Lauren blogs over at Laurens Fitness . She’s a fitness and conditioning coach from Australia and loves everything to do with getting healthy and in shape. Thanks to a long professional sports career and a degree in sports science, she’s well and truly a fitness nerd.

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