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New Year’s Resolutions

Posted Jan 02 2013 2:09pm

I used to think having New Year resolutions was a kind of lame thing to do.  Mainly because, well, I never kept mine.


But now I’m older, hopefully wiser, and I like setting my year up with new goals.  I like working towards something.  I don’t always keep my resolutions, but I do try.


So here are mine:

With a decent time.  I swore after I completed a marathon in 2009 that I would NEVER do that shit again.  Oh it was hard.  But 13.1 miles?  Maybe I can handle that. 

I make this resolution every year .  I think this is the fifth year in a row I’ve said this.  Maybe this is my year.   I mean it’s REALLY the only time I have to work out.  How do you perky morning people do it?  I need help.  Or tips.  Or an electrocuting alarm clock.  <–Possible idea? 

I’ve been a slave to convenience foods for a long time.  I want to really make this the year I cut out most all processed foods, including my daughter’s meals.  She ain’t gonna be happy about that.  I also want to utilize my crockpot more.   

I’ve been saying this for about three years.  But, I’m gonna do it.  I still haven’t decided what to sell yet.  I better get on that.


There are a ton of home projects that I have on my plate.  2013 might be the year of “This Old House” for me.  And the fact that I’m a little lacking in the how to design cool stuff area is weighing a bit on this.  I hope I can at least make my house look less 1992 and more 2013.

This looks REALLY hard.  Have you seen the forums for these?  So much information.  It could take all year.  But Sassypants is already packed.  No really.  She packed her backpack yesterday and told me she was going to Disney.  But she needed me to drive her there.  She can’t drive yet which is cramping her plans. 

No more excuses as to why we can’t go to the park because I have a schedule to follow.  I need to be more spontaneous when it comes to playtime.  Instead my weekends are all rush rush rush do all the chores and projects.  This might cancel out #5 but maybe I can incorporate her help on the DIY and kill two birds with one stone.  Meh, dream a little dream.

I don’t know where I’m going to find this “time” I keep talking about what with the projects and time scheduled for the kiddos, half marathons, disney trips, and what not… but last Friday I went to a movie, dinner, and shopping by MYSELF and it was glorious.  Glorious I tell you.  I want more of that, please.  At least once a month. 

Obviously I’m gonna need that to handle all of this “free time” and crap I keep scheduling hoping for.


I think that’s it so far.  Some are a little aggressive, some are ambitous, some are easily doable.  Some I may not complete.   We’ll see what’s in store.


How about you?  Any great New Year resolutions? 

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