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My Journey – Infertility and the choice for IVF

Posted Feb 17 2014 4:17pm

Hi Team :)  Long time no chat!  First of all I would like to say thank you to all of you who sent comments, thoughts and notes about my previous post .  This New Kind of Training has been a journey over the past few months and I have been quiet, but your kind words are in my heart and I cannot express how much they mean to me! 

So lets catch up shall we?  VC and I have made a choice to expand our family and as it seems that one miracle pregnancy was a bit of a fluke.  Which means that we are going to be going through a Frozen Embryo Transfer Cycle.  To most of you I’m sure those words are a bit like Swahili.  I would like to share my journey with you all, I would like to tell you the whole story … starting with my infertility and my IVF cycle that gave us the Gs.  

I realize that this isn’t a running story, and being a running/wellness blog its completely off topic.  But this is a story that defines me more than a race time or a training plan ever will and for that reason I want to share.  I hope you will come along with me, and for any of you who are having similar struggles or have questions I’m more than happy to talk about it.  

Part 1 – Infertility and the Choice for IVF

I haven’t spoken out about my infertility.  Its a tough thing to talk about … not because I am embarrassed but because of the trepidation others have when hearing my story.  There is the look of sorrow they give me, deep sadness for what seems to them as a loss.  

I don’t feel this way.  I don’t see infertility as a loss.  Its not something I’ve ever really had so how can I lose it?  Infertility among women old and young is more common that we know.  There are so many reasons, and every single woman is her own story/  Her journey is like a fingerprint, always different than the others but beautiful all the same.  

My infertility is unexplained.  I have never had a consistent cycle, I was highly irregular starting from the young age of 13.  I was put on pills to regulate me and sometimes the pill would work, but most of the time it was a trigger for my Crohn’s.  It seemed that the higher the estrogen levels in my body the worse the Crohn’s.  I went through countless types and brands but eventually stopped taking the pills and just went on with low estrogen and no cycle.  For the most part it wasn’t an issue, I had to be careful of my calcium intake as I was at a high risk for low bone density, but that seemingly was the only obvious side effect at that time in my life. 


When VC and I talked about marriage I told him about my condition and he never batted an eye.  We will figure it out he told me.  We will have a family, I’m sure of it.  (reason # 1,234,569 why he is amazing).  



Oh young love … this was taken in the first few months of our relationship. 


Even before we were married, we went to see a high risk OBGYN who monitored me for a few years.  When it was time to start talking about a family we had a heart to heart with the doctor.  His conclusion was that I had unexplained amenorrhea from an almost non functional hypothalamus.  It was ruled out to be caused by allergies, diet, thyroid functionality or exercise.  My weight has fluctuated enough since puberty for me to be able to rule out any correlation with body weight.  The only option for having children was going to be hormone therapy. 

This was not a great answer for me, I was looking down a dark tunnel of years on drugs that I knew would make my digestive tract flare like no tomorrow and the chances of it actually working was less than 20%.  It was a heartbreaking answer and although I wanted to wallow in the “why me” of it all I didn’t.  I knew there had to be an answer … 

 We then went to go see Dr. Jaime Grifo MD , PhD at the NYU Fertility Center.  I had been referred to him by someone I trusted very much and knew instantly upon meeting him that he would help us.  Dr Grifo laid out the same hormone therapy options, with the same low percentage that they would work.  He also told us about IUI and IVF .  The chances of having a baby with these 2 options were much much greater … and quicker.  Downside, its expensive.  

 VC and I talked about it, we deliberated the next few years and what they looked like with all 3 of the options.  

 Our decision was to go straight to IVF.  The 55-65% chance of it working was the best odds and the therapies being mostly vaccinations rather than pills made it easiest on my digestive tract.  It was the harder option, it was the most intense … but we choose it and never looked back.  

 I began my first IVF cycle on February 8th 2010.   

 Coming … 

Part 2 – The IVF cycle, the fail and the success.  

Part 3 – The choice for twins, frozen embryos and OHSS

Part 4 – 3 years later, lets thaw some embryos. 




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