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My Day as a Fitness Model

Posted Jan 20 2011 12:00am
While I was over the moon to play diva for a day, I was just as thrilled to be riding the wave (that's what I'm doing above) of interest in pelvic floor strength, and sharing what I learned about postpartum fitness from Catherine Cram and, of course, the squats heard round the world when I interviewed Katy Bowman . Could I be more grateful to Jen Sinkler and Experience Life magazine for helping me get the word out? Nope. Enormously grateful. I know from the 40,000+ visitors to my website when I published the " Pelvic Floor Party " and " Pelvic Floor Encore " posts (which remain my top two blog pages by a looooong shot) that the information wasn't only news to me, but to the majority of women out there. So now we get to share it again in the May issue of Experience Life. The fact that I got to play fitness model was the frosting. Very yummy, indulgent frosting.

So if you don't mind indulging me a little more, l'd love to share what I learned as a fitness model:
For starters, I could easily get used to someone fixing my hair and make up and picking out my
clothes. I felt like a little girl again, except that I was a polite little girl. I did not scream "stop it!" when my hair was brushed, or, "I am NOT going to wear that," when my outfit was presented to me. My children may not appreciate me as their stylist, but I reveled in the attention of having a stylist for a day.
Also, being a fitness model is harder than it looks. The photographer had me zipping through the Sahrmann exercises pretty fast and I usually do them much slower, or at least only as fast as my brain can work (four-time brain donor here, not very fast). Fitness models apparently are expected to do the exercises correctly. Retake!
After the shoot I learned that Experience Life Senior Editor Jen Sinkler also does some Cross Fit coaching. All her coaching behind the scenes suddenly made perfect sense: "I want to see those heels down on the ground! I know you can do it! Shoulders back! Stomach in! Fight for that arch in your back!" In the picture below, Katy Bowman, my pelvic floor strength guru would say about my form: "Don't let this girl borrow your shoes when she goes camping."
All this while I was squatting and holding that squat... and holding it... just a little bit longer, "Relax your face!" And, correct form, too. This is how you want to squat in the woods to avoid peeing on your shoes.
When all was said and done (and don't get me started on the "said" part, I have a whole new respect for people in front of the camera--all I can hope for now is that I made the case for postpartum moms to repair their core and pelvic floor before taking off on their pre-baby exercise routines) I learned this: I get to keep the clothes! Now I know how it feels to be on Oprah! I got to take home my very own Lululemon outfit: capri pants and two (two! yeah for that trendy layering look!) tanks. Shoes: Adidas Fluid Trainer . Welcome to the barefoot (almost) running movement. I was so psyched. It's so dang hard to find time to shop for myself, and so because Lululemon is not currently carried at Super Target, I have been suffering without. Not any more.

Whenever I need to relive my day as a fitness model, all I have to do is put on my fitness model clothes and come April, when the video gets posted and the May issues comes out, I'll have another way to bring my fond memories to life.

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