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My “Amazing Race”

Posted Apr 17 2013 9:25am

I rarely watch TV anymore. However, the one show I tune into religiously (whether it’s in real time or on DVR) is “The Amazing Race.” (And I will deny that it has anything to do with my crush on host Phil Keoghan ).

Dr. G. and I always say that if we were ever going to do a reality show, this would be it, no question. Because when else would we have the opportunity to travel to Madagascar, participate in ancient rituals in the Seychelles or visit remote villages in India?

I traveled overseas for the first time at the age of 25; ironically, this was also my first vacation with Dr. G. (Blog spoiler alert – come back in a few weeks for the insane story of  this international adventure; it’s quite a tale).

Once I stepped foot in Europe, I got bit by the travel bug. Hard. I wanted to travel everywhere and see everything. Still do. I love experiencing other cultures, learning new languages, trying different food (even if it means nearly ordering reindeer in Brussels … the perfect dinner for a vegetarian, eh?), meeting new people, drinking good wine. I love walking on paths or visiting ruins that have existed for centuries, knowing that I, too, am now part of it’s history.

I can’t wait to share my love of travel with my kids. I want them to learn and absorb from other cultures. I want them to understand that our world is much bigger than our safe little enclave in the suburbs. I want them to not just read about history in their school textbooks, but actually experience it and see where it happened.

So every time I watch “The Amazing Race,” I can’t help but daydream about all the countries and cities I’d love to visit if I were to choreograph my own “amazing race” (minus the whole racing/national TV bit):

  • New Zealand and Australia (mostly because it’s Dr. G.’s dream to go there, and I want to experience that with him)
  • Hiking Mt. Kilimanjaro
  • An African safari
  • Castles in Ireland
  • Morocco
  • Fiji
  • Greece
  • Istanbul, Turkey (although it would be so hard to not belt out “Istanbul, not Constantinople” in the middle of Taksim Square)
  • Barcelona, Spain (which is likely our next big travel destination)

Where would you go on your “amazing race”?


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