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Must Have Items for Us Small Chested Types

Posted Dec 13 2009 9:02pm
It’s been well established (at least for me) that when you lose body fat, you lose it in your chest first.  Dang it. According to the research I did a while back, women’s breasts sizes will change six times over the course of their lives.  Pregnancy, breast feeding, weening, gaining weight, losing weight all will result in a change in breast size.  Then, with the addition of any weight training, it might change again.  At this point in my career, I’m not interested in a boob job.  Who is?!  I’d love to have some cleavage, but, I’m not willing to go through the surgery or pay the money.

So, check out these items I found just for us!!

No more Buggin’ Out! If you chose to go without a bra but want to prevent those nipples from showing, there is now a product just for that!

Or, there are Silicone Nipple Concealers!  Available for $25.00.

Then, there is the Handful, Inc. bra that I’ve already blogged about.  They are having a sale now for 25% off.  Enter Handfulholidaze09 at checkout.  This is a sports bra that comes with removable pads.

What will you do for the sake of beauty and comfort?

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