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Motivation Monday – Who Inspires You?

Posted Mar 10 2013 4:39am

Motivation Monday - who inspires you? How is everyone doing? Did you have a good week last week? Did you do well with exercise, food and water intake? As I completed week 1 of the Spring Booty Buster Challenge, I did pretty well. I have not run in a few weeks so getting back on the treadmill was a challenge. I added a bit of an incline and played around with some slow moves like lunges, backwards hill climbs, side steps, etc., after I completed my 3 miles.

Anyway, enough about me. For Motivation Monday, I’ve been thinking about the topic of inspiration. Who inspires you? I highly recommend finding someone who serves as your inspiration. Seek out people who are better than you, fitter than you, stronger than you (this can be emotionally or physically). For example, The Biggest Loser folks always inspire me with their will and their drive to succeed. Keep an open mind and learn from others. These people may be a your neighbor, someone at your gym, someone you meet online or even an instructor on a DVD.

You might find being exposed to folks with a strong workout ethic will drive you to work harder too. In time, you may overcome your own self-imposed limitation and make progress that you did not think was possible. My challenge to you for this week is to find someone who inspires you to meet your fitness goals.

How Do I Find Someone to Inspire Me?
Well, I am glad you asked… here are some ideas to get your started:

Join an online fitness challenge
I love these challenges to be inspired and get support from other participants. Right now, I am loving the Spring Booty Buster Challenge . I’ve also recently done the Best Body Bootcamp as well. Both are great.

Join a Diet Bet challenge is a great new site where you bet money to achieve a certain weight loss goal. Typically to lose about 4% of your body weight. Everyone who meets their goal splits the pot with all the winners. My friend Toni from is running a diet bet starting soon. Go check it out.

Join a Local Gym
Join a local gym to find a trainer or instructor who can motivate and inspire you. Take some time to interview them to ask how they succeeded. Many have a success story that could serve as your inspiration. Many gyms offer a free workout or even a free week or two to try them out.

Bob Harper Online Training Join an Virtual Gym
Can’t afford a gym? I highly recommend both (Bob Harper’s Online training site) and . They are online membership programs with a ton of workouts to choose from for only $10 a month and both offer some free introductor time to try them out too. I love Bob and his participants. They are very inpsiring. I also love the instructors on Daily Burn.

Join a Local Meetup and find a local fitness group. There are often many to choose from that include walking, biking, running, swimming, practically anything you can think of.

So, that’s enough to get you started. Have other ideas? Let us know!

If your personal fitness is important to you, work as hard as you possibly can. It won’t be easy, it won’t happen overnight, but it will happen. Today, I am serving as your personal cheerleader. Yes, YOU! I know that YOU can do it! Check back and let us know how it goes. See you next week for another Motivation Monday.

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