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Mother’s Day Musings

Posted May 13 2013 3:38pm

I weighed in this morning at 161.

I’m not even upset by that.  After the last week I’ve had full of sickness, birthday parties, and Mother’s Day- I’d say that only a two pound gain is FANTASTIC.  GO ME.

I really had high hopes to get three workouts in last week.  And to eat all the healthy food.  And to be awesome at the healthy living thing.

And then this happened on Wednesday morning.


I’m thinking of making this picture my universal avatar. It’s not scary at all!

No.  I did not get beat up.

Yes, I just posted a pic of myself straight out of bed, no makeup, with a horrendous swollen pink eye.  Excuse the bed head.

Pinkeye sucks just so you know.

And the kicker is that neither of my kids HAVE pinkeye so I’m not sure how the hell I got it.  But I do know that being a mother means being the catch all for all the germs.

Thankfully I was able to get it under control and by Saturday I was fine and not contagious.  AND it has not been passed to either kid.  Which means that practically bathing in antibacterial hand sanitizer is pretty effective.

Saturday was Sassypant’s My Little Pony five year old birthday extravaganza at a trampoline park.

NOTHING makes you feel more like a mom than trying to wrangle 12 little super hyped up four-six year olds for cupcakes and pizza.  Needless to say- by Saturday night… I.was.exhausted.

And so were my children, because Sunday for Mother’s day they all slept in.  Even Chunkers.

Which was a fantastic Happy Mother’s Day gift to me.

Thinking back over the weekends activities and the fact that my first baby is FIVE.  I’m sad today.

Sad that it’s going by so fast.

Sad that I can’t stop time for a bit.

Sad that my five year old is acting so much like a teenager.

Sad that my baby boy is trying to walk everywhere and talk and be a little boy instead of a baby.

I just want soak it all up before it goes away.  I feel more and more each day that I’m losing these moments and I want to hold on to them forever.

I remember someone told me when I was pregnant with my daughter to enjoy it, it goes by too fast.  And I nodded like I understood.  I mean everyone says that, but I really didn’t understand that she meant lightening speed.  In a blink of an eye, the year is gone.

This week is going to be hard for me.  My little girl turns five today AND my baby boy turns one on Thursday.  To round that all out, my little girl has a pre-school graduation complete with cap and gown on Thursday…so I will be in full mommy meltdown by then, I’m sure.  Just send all the wine to my house, please.  I’m gonna need it.

So I’m making no promises concerning eating right and working out.  I can’t promise that I won’t be at the bottom of a vat of ice cream by the weekend.  And I can’t promise that I won’t drink too much or eat my feelings.

Although,  I’ll try to control the eating… but I always ALWAYS eat when I’m sad.  So it will be a test for sure.

I will leave you with some pictures that made my uterus explode and my heart ache like mad.

From itty bitties:

my babies


To amazing little people:



If I were a superhero- I’d choose freezing time as my power.

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