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Monday Morning Musings, Or Topics We'd Discuss While Running (or Therapy... Same Thing?)

Posted Aug 24 2009 11:56am
I have too much swirling around my head to devote this post to just one topic. So I'm going to purge it all right here, in much the same way I'd do with friends on a run. Seriously, I'm one of those people whose mouth runs along with my feet. (Fair warning to those who might consider running with me... come to think of it, is this why I can't convince any my neighbors to join me?)

That's not entirely true. Last night my 16-year-old babysitter called to see if I wanted to run. It was 8:15 and I had just kissed all my children goodnight. I quickly dismissed the idea; my day was done. Or, so I assumed, because that's just the way it always is. Once the kids go to bed, it's a race to get myself in bed as fast as possible to maximize my own sleep, which, I'll tell you, is improving these days -- The Boy graced me with 8 hours last night. So, thanks to hindsight (I hate hindsight) I wish I had stepped out of my rut, taken a play from the "How to be Spontaneous" handbook, and threw on running clothes instead of pajamas. I'll bet that run would have felt great. What about you? Can you get your heart rate up after the kids go to sleep? Should I explore this option further? (Go ahead, give me your thoughts, I don't completely monopolize these running conversations.)

Which brings me to today's track work out, emailed by Darcy, like she does every Sunday (she's awesome like that). Even though I haven't been in track-workout shape, I love reviewing what's on the menu. Today the girls are doing my fav track workout, so I thought' I'd share with you if you feel so inclined to get over to your local high school track. Here's what Darcy has to say:

Warm-up: 1-3 miles

4 x 100 m striders

If you haven't done a mile baseline, do that. Otherwise....using your new mile baseline time, go to the link below to figure out your new paces.

All done at 5km pace, recovery half of effort time.








1-3 mile cool down

There will not be a sitter on Monday a.m. As always, I approach workouts with low expectations so when my kids behave and I actually get the workout completed, I count that as a SWEET victory!

I love this last sentence. That should be the Mama Sweat Motto!

Hey, and what about that latest Time magazine cover article? Why Exercise Won't Make You Thin. Have you read it? I read most of it while waiting to get my hair done (I was able to read without falling asleep!) I do think there's truth in the fact that exercise will make you hungrier, but does it sabotage weight loss goals? Let's assume for just a millisecond that exercise won't help you lose weight (I have a hard time writing that because it's so ludicrous) there are still more good reasons to exercise: heart health and mental health, among them. But as my husband and I discussed, he brought up a very important point: consistent exercise can change your metabolism. Maybe it is true that initially exercise makes you hungrier, you eat more, perhaps don't see instant results. But over time your body gets it. Your body starts burning calories faster and more efficiently. This is absolutely true for me. I always believed I hit the gene lottery for metabolism, but maybe, because I've been active all my life, especially the last 20 years of consistent exercising, I have shaped my metabolism. Did I create my own luck? Do you gain weight the more you exercise?

Now, on a lighter note: I just saw Michelle Obama in a public service announcement with Elmo. You've got to see it:

I love it, of course. She says that if you want your children to exercise, parents have got to get out there too: "You are your child's best role model." Yes! I've been saying that in this blog for more than a year, so what I'd love to believe is that Mrs. Obama is a Mama Sweat reader and chose to help me get the message out. We make a good team, no?

OK, this running/therapy session is over. Now, your turn. Tell me what you have to say.

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