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Mom and child yoga

Posted by Shez B.

My friend has a three year old and they do yoga together everyday. This really inspired me about having children because I always think that once the kids come along, my yoga practice will be gone.

They have so much fun together getting into posititions. I suppose in many ways yoga and exercise is is about relaxing and being in touch with your self. Once you have kids, that becomes such a luxury. This is a perfect example of a positive way of making that transition from always thinking about your own wellbeing (which I spend a lot of time on) to including someone else in that practice.

She says it is very bonding for them to have that time together.

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I just bought a yoga tape for kids for my son. I'm excited to see if he likes it. Unfortunately, I haven't tried it out yet, as I've not been feeling well. I'm hoping it will help to calm him as yoga does me. If not, it's a great source of exercise.
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