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Menu Planning: Week of Nov. 4

Posted Nov 04 2012 2:13pm

Meal/menu planning the last two weeks has been a challenge. And a bit frustrating.

Last week we were preparing for Hurricane Sandy, so with the possibility of losing power looming over us, I decided to forgo meal planning. The last thing I wanted to do was buy a bunch of produce or dairy items and have them go bad if we lost power. Plus, we’d also be dealing with a lack of stove, oven and microwave.  In the end, we were spared, and I am so incredibly thankful, so we  happily “winged it” for meals all week, just trying to use up what we already had in our fridge and pantry.

This week, the situation is a bit different. Dr. G. is traveling all week, which means I am flying solo with the kiddos from Monday-Friday. In addition to dealing with all the logistics of drop-offs and pick-ups and karate classes – not to mention working myself – his trips always throw me for a loop when it comes to meal planning. I rarely eat what the kids ave, so it’s almost like I’m back to my single days when I was just cooking for me. Of course, back then there was a 75% chance that I’d eat a bowl if cereal for dinner (shhhhh , don’t tell Buddy). What this really means, though, is that I am certainly not making anything complicated or time-consuming. Easy peasey is key. Plus something that’s relatively healthy and nutritious since, as I posted earlier today , I’ve been under the weather and haven’t exercised in about a week.

So with that, here’s what I’ve come up with for the week, including meals for both me and the kids.

You’ll notice on Tuesday I have “Single moms wine and pizza dinner” – more to come on that on Tuesday :)

Recipe links: Kale Market Salad ; the white bean and garlic soup recipe is not online but it’s from Peter Berley’s “The Modern Vegetarian” and it is heavenly.

Breakfast this week has to be quick and easy – which, sadly, means no smoothies, since they are a little too time-intensive when I’m flying solo in the mornings. I’m looking at the following (all of which I pack in my lunch bag and eat once I get to work):

  • Apple cinnamon quinoa via Skinnytaste
  • Chobani French Vanilla yogurt w/baked apples
  • Instant oatmeal with pumpkin, walnuts, chia seeds and pumpkin pie spice
  • Special K Protein Plus w/unsweetened almond milk

I’m hoping I’ll feel better this week and can start working out again. Actually, the fact that Dr. G. is away – which means no early AM runs, spin class or Body Pump – may be a blessing in disguise, because it will force me to ease back into things slowly. I will be psyched if I can eek out two early morning workouts on the elliptical machine in our basement (while catching up on episodes of “Revolution”) and maybe one sort of circuit/weights workout. I just saw this article on Greatist about Swork!, a randomized circuit training app, and I’m curious, so I may give it a try this week. And if I’m feeling really good I might attempt a lunch time run.

How do you approach “off” weeks, or weeks when you know you’re going to be completely off your normal schedule? Any good tips?

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