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Meal Planning (Week of May 19)

Posted May 19 2013 7:46am

I know I’ve mentioned it before , but this new spring schedule has made meal planning a real challenge. Two nights a week Buddy and Coach Dad have T-ball, smack in the middle of dinnertime (6pm). Mimi and I try to get to  the the Tuesday night game, which basically means dinner for all of us that night consists of either a PB&J, bowl of cereal or post-game convenience food (read: fast food). And the boys usually end up winging it on Thursdays, too.

So I really only have 2.5 weeknight meals to have to plan for (the .5 comes on Friday, when the kiddos have their mac & cheese and I throw something random together for me and Dr. G).

This week, though, I want to be more mindful of what I am eating because … drum roll, please … my half marathon is next weekend!! Eeek! After talking to my colleague, who is a running coach and marathoner, I want to drink lots of water this week (always a struggle for me), especially later in the week, to make sure I am properly hydrated. She also suggested slightly increasing my carbs starting around Thursday to build a store of them, rather than carbo-loading on Saturday night. I’m also going to try and slightly reduce my caffeine intake.

So here’s our meal plan this week (this is so unambitious, does this even count as a plan?!).

Meal Plan

Sunday: Dinner out with some of my favorite local Mass. bloggers

(New Food) Monday: I admit,we’ve been total NFM slackers the last few weeks. (Buddy has been thrilled). We need to get back in the game. In the meantime, I am curious about this cilantro-lime-chickpea salad from Oh She Glows, which I’ll make for Dr. G. and I, and will try to encourage the kids to eat, but I am not feeling too optimistic.

Tuesday: Yeah … see above …

Wednesday: Black bean quesadillas

Thursday: Salad with cooked farro and Gardein chick’n strips (for me, since the boys have T-ball)

Friday: Something with lentils and brown rice (I have a recipe somewhere!!! I just have to dig it out). 

Saturday: Pasta (really descriptive, right?)

Workout Plan

I love taper week! Ehh, maybe I love it a little too much. “Is it okay that I am uber-excited for taper week?” I asked Dr. G. a few weeks ago. I think it’s because I know I don’t have to set aside an hour-and-a-half to run on a Saturday or Sunday when our weekends are already jam-packed. Plus, I admit, I kind of miss running for fun, rather than as part of a structured training plan. Who would have thought?!

So this is not an overly ambitious workout plan this week:

Sunday: 7 miles

Monday: Body Pump

Tuesday: 3 miles 

Wednesday: Elliptical for 50 minutes

Thursday: 3 miles

Friday: Rest (maybe take Raven for a walk in the AM)

Saturday: Rest

Sunday: RACE DAY

Okay, readers, let’s hear it: What’s on your menu this week? And for those parents dealing with a hectic schedule of afterschool activities, what do you do about dinner?

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