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Meal and Exercise Plan and an At-Home Boot Camp Workout!

Posted Aug 18 2013 8:34am
Weekly Meal Planning with

Ever have a week when you’re just not into meal planning? That’s where I’m at. Maybe it’s just me, but if I repeately eat similar foods, then I develop an aversion to them, and I have to avoid them for awhile. So I don’t know if I can do another salad with greens, barley and pesto dressing, as yummy as it is, because the thought of it right now … well …

So how to come up with a healthy, relatively “clean” meal plan that sounds appetizing to both me and the family?

It wasn’t easy, but here’s what I came up with …

Sunday: Black Bean and Edamame Sliders with Corn on the Cob

(New Food) Monday :Whole wheat pasta with (gasp!) homemade tomato sauce. I say gasp because (a) my kids have always refused tomato sauce but I’m determined to change their minds, and (b) I have soooooo many tomatoes from our farm share, and if I don’t do something with it, they’ll go to waste.

Tuesday: Quinoa cakes (which we also made last week and are amazing!!!!) and roasted Brussel sprouts

Wednesday: Single Moms Pizza Night

Thursday: Huevos Rancheros

Friday: Annie’s mac & cheese with broccoli for kids, TBD or leftovers for grown-ups

Saturday: Date night

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It’s Week 2 of Half Marathon Training ! I had to tweak this week’s plan because the husband is travelling, which means there’s one (or possibly two) mornings I won’t be able to get to the gym. Boo. I really dislike running 2 days in a row.

Sunday: 8 mile long run

Monday: Rest and stretching

Tuesday: 1 minute intervals at 5K pace for 3.5 miles

Wednesday: 4 mile pace run 

Thursday: Circuit training at home, a la boot camp at the gym (see below)

Friday: Boot camp

Saturday: Rest

So here’s the routine we did in Friday’s Boot Camp class, and as soon as the class ended, I thought, I could totally do this at home! Yes, I did buy Jillian Michaels’ 30 Day Shred for exactly this reason, but I just can’t get into workout DVDs. Sorry. 

But this … this I can do.

At Home Boot Camp Circuit Workout!  

Runners: Anyone else not a fan of running two days in a row? 

P.S. Just a reminder that I’m not a personal trainer, exercise physiologist, fitness class instructor … you get the idea …

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