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Mardi Gras Challenge

Posted Mar 26 2011 11:12pm
No no, it’s not a drinking challenge


a collect the most beads challenge


a show your boobies challenge. 


It is, quite literally, a Fat Tuesday Challenge.  Fat as in Body Fat..

Why should you participate?

Because carrying extra body fat is detrimental to your overall health.  Plain and simple.  Extra fat means extra trouble for your body.  According to LiveStrong , women age 20 to 39 should ideally have 21 to 35 percent body fat; women from 40 to 59 should ideally have 22 to 36 percent body fat; and women from 60 to 79 should ideally have 24 to 38 percent body fat.


Starting today and continuing on for the next 12 weeks, every Tuesday we will be measuring our body fat.  You can use a caliper (most accurate) or a scale with the body fat feature on it.  Better yet, go to a gym to have your body fat measured to give you a starting point.


By exercising, of course ;)   Cardio and weight training.  You can either follow along with my weekly workout (which comes out every Sunday) or come up with your own.


If you participate, come back Every Tuesday and leave a comment about how many % of body fat that you’ve lost for the week and how you did it!

Reality Check: Sometimes it’s going to be zero, okay?  So, don’t worry about it and don’t give up, just keep working and get your body fat in check at a healthy pace!  If your body fat percentage is already within the normal range, you can still follow along to maintain your health and movement with us. 

Warning**Don’t be trying to get below the recommended body fat percentages, that is just as dangerous (if not more dangerous) than carrying extra! So, don’t get nutty.**

Happy Mardi Gras (Fitness Moms style..)!!

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